Du wirst in einfachen Schritten erlebenhow you can perform with ease in challenging situations... 

Do you want to perform with Ease under stress and pressure?

I´ll make some time available for our kostenlosen 1:1 -Probe-Coaching-Session, für nur 30 Minuten zu arbeiten..

In nur dieser kurzen Zeit wirst Du erleben...

  • Dich von alten und limitierenden Mustern zu lösen und es schaffen external as well as internal Pressure..
  • a State of mind that boosts your Creativity and lets you flexibly adjust to your Challenges.
  • an emotional State that enhances your Productivity that guides you through Situations under Stress and Pressure.
  • unlocking unlived Potentialsand an Increase of into Oxytocin and Anandamide Ease into uwith a feeling of Effortlessness.

Is there a catch?

Nein, ich respektiere, dass Deine Zeit knapp ist. Ich werde mit dir auch nur arbeiten, wenn ich das Gefühl habe, dir auch bei deiner Herausforderung helfen zu können.  


„Total begeistert!!“

"More energy for the essential things" 


"Transformed conditioning by the Root!" 


"More confident & connected!" 

"Absolut genial"

"Im Bereich High-Performance und Emotionen ist Florian der Hammer" 

How I help you

Ich unterstütze Unternehmer und Selbstständige durch verblüffend einfache und effektive Methoden der 21st century Brain-Technology- Techniques to get into and Flow-States. This Flow-to more efficiency and from a designing a professional, as well as non-professional life from a self-confident core while lively relationships start flourishing. lebendige Beziehungen aufblühen können. 

Ich kombiniere mental, physical and emotional methods into einem innovativen innovative Flow-Approach.. In meinen 1:1 Coachings and Group Trainings hole ich die Menschen dort ab, wo sie gerade “feststecken” und bringe sie wieder and guide them into their full strength..

Fears and success blockages will be transformedinto learningsand inner resistances as well as limiting behaviours and believe patterns will be dissolved at the root.

This allows reaching a sustainable Work-&-Life--Flow more and more often that not only leads to more personal fulfillment on the individual level but also increases the performance of the whole Team on a long run..

Flowstarter.de ermöglicht Dir Dein Leben to live your life more flexible and powerful so you will reach your goals faster, despite big challenges and obstacles, present yourself-assured and act from a vigorous centre.

This coaching is only for you, if you...

  • have a positive Intention towards your own or the interest of others
  • If you are not looking for a Psycho-Therapy
  • are really eager to work on yourself
  • really want to change something for yourself on a long run

If you recognise yourself in those terms, I look forward to talk to you: book your appointment now!!

I look forward to meet you in person!

Florian Hager

Expert and Coach for High-Performance & Flow