I train Entrepreneurs and Leaders to perform with Ease under pressure

  • creative and flexible to internal and external challenges
  • Less tensions and conflicts
  • Faster recreation and getting back into high gear
  • unleash your full potential

My holistic approach is your key to a successful and fulfilled life!

Discover your Work & Life-Flow

Entrepreneurs and Leader benefit from my unconventional techniques to perform with more Ease under pressure


This unique and holistic approach creates a fast and sustainable change.


You will learn to activate a powerful state on demand, that helps you to adjust creatively and flexibly to difficult contexts and walk through challenging Situations with more ease and flow.


Therefore you´ll stay relaxed in critical moments what allows you to think more clearly and thus have more choices at hand so you can respond more flexibly. All that increases your performance and makes you more productive.


In doing so, you will be more at ease, recover faster to charge your batteries and unfold your full potential on the long run.

Wesentlich MEHR ENERGIE!

Ich hatte ein paar Coachings mit Florian und bin total begeistert!

Was ich als Unternehmer haben möchte ist natürlich, dass ich bei meiner Arbeit stets motiviert und fokussiert, schön produktiv bin, aber gleichzeitig nicht das Gefühl habe, dass ich ausbrenne oder total gestresst bin.

Florian hat es geschafft die Knoten in meinem Kopf zu lösen, die dazu geführt haben dass ich mich gestresst gefühlt und mir Sorgen gemacht habe, die nicht nötig gewesen wären. Dadurch habe ich jetzt wesentlich mehr Energie für die wichtigen Dinge und kann daher das Coaching mega mäßig empfehlen.

Jeder Unternehmer, der immer 100% auf dem Punkt genau sein muss, kann extrem davon profitieren!


My original reason to seek coaching was a writer's block in writing scientific papers. We were able to solve this successfully after two sessions. In addition, our work had an impact on my overall mood.

In spite of considerable stress in everyday life, I was also able to fulfill additional tasks more easily.

Various tools that have been an integral part of my life since coaching have been helpful. To summarize, I believe that everyone can benefit from such a kind of coaching.

Florian Thomas Assistant Medical Director - Surgery


Florian is one of my most important companions of my life. Conversations, discussions and in-depth experiences first made us friends and thus recurrent sources of power for each other. A continuous stream of impulses and buffs connects us again and again. Impressive and beautiful.

Mag. Raphael Riedler PeP - Pongau entwickelt Potenziale

Wall of thanks



Passion, competence and mindfulness combine with a lightness that makes it easy to find the courage to change. A great person and coach 🙏💎🙏

Nicole Szopinski Sales-Coach for Women


Florian is an aspiring NLP Coach that showed me his power and coaching knowledge throughout a couple of sessions together. I was impressed by his deep knowledge about NLP and his drive to become better every day. Florian is my “To-Go” Coach regarding NLP, performance and confidence.

Andrej Uhrich Founder & CEO at Meditation-Challenge


Dear Florian, ... it does not take many words ... just a THANK YOU (heart, heart, heart)

A THANK YOU from (heart) again Florian from my daughter Anne ... you FINALLY solved her knot in Berlin, which has formed in her young years!!! I will never forget that !!! (Heart)

Silke Mevius Sportstarter.de
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Discover now your Work & Life-Flow

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